Water Treatment


Pumps United has significant capability in the specialised area of water treatment and can provide the following key services when required on your project: 

  • Groundwater Remediation
  • Chemical and pH Dosing
  • Sludge Processing
  • Effluent Management
  • PFAS removal
  • Monitoring and Reporting
  • Research and Development

The Pumps United team initially conduct water testing and analysis to gather an understanding of the groundwater characteristics, composition, methods of discharge and environmental legislation.

We then review the geotechnical reports, conduct internal confirmatory soil and water sampling, perform onsite test spearing and ensure the right water treatment solution is designed. 

We then tailor practical solutions to meet the client’s required remediation goals, budget and time frame. When engaged on a project, we take full ownership of the works contracted. 

We offer an extensive range of specialised and custom-built water treatment equipment, including systems used to remove excess iron from extracted ground water prior to it being discharged to the environment.

We are dedicated to the process of total water management and are continuously improving and developing new industry leading water table management methodologies and technology.