Water Solutions


Pumps United can design, supply and maintain a total end-to-end solution for your next projects’ water supply requirements. Our tailored solutions range from simple DIY installations and maintenance and hire packages through to complete design and construct management. Our project management solutions incorporate:

  • Complete integrated designs in alignment with client water requirements 
  • Installation and commissioning of pump and power assets with associated pipe works or transfer line infrastructure
  • project-based servicing and maintenance personnel to ensure that the most efficient and cost-effective system is maintained throughout your project duration.

Our practical knowledge of engineering design and construction, combined with our understanding of environmental processes and regulatory requirements allows us to develop practical, cost-effective infrastructure solutions. Whether your water requirements are quality or quantity based Pumps United have the knowledge, experience and resources to deliver what you need, when you need it, where you need it.

  • Water supply

Pumps United has storage tank solutions for all your project requirements and conditions. Our fleet of tanks range from 15 000lt– 60 000lt which can all be set up on stands – ideal for filling water carts for dust suppression and compaction works or flat on the ground for storage purposes. 

Alternatively, on-ground storage tanks can be plumbed to a high flow silenced pump and standpipe assembly for a quick and efficient water fill station.

  • Data Telemetry

Data telemetry simplifies and speeds up the acquisition of critical information from remote locations or projects that have stringent environmental reporting guidelines. 

The implementation of wireless communication systems for generators and pump management enables Pumps United to gain access to real-time data from in-field sensors to improve on-site operations. 

Our pumps and systems can be remotely switched on or off as required and we also have solar powered pumps and chemical dosing units which can prove to be an economical and environmentally conscious option for customers.

It is the ability to provide real time information, delivered through advanced technology that differentiates us from our competitors. The advantage for our customers is that we can deliver higher productivity, less down time and minimal operating hours. 

  • Bore Installations

The delivery of a reliable water supply is critical on any project. Pumps United can assess your project’s water supply needs and develop a bore installation solution that will meet your requirements. 

To ensure the quality and quantity of the water produced by the bore we can also offer air lifting, sustainable yield testing and water quality testing services. 

  • Groundwater Re-injection

Recharge or re-injection wells are designed to inject water into specific aquifers surrounding a site. This allows the stratification of soils on site to be used in controlling the effects of groundwater drawdowns. A recharge well operates like a pumping well, except the direction of flow is reversed. Recharge of water into the ground is more challenging than pumping. 

Recharge wells are prone to self-clogging; even when water being recharged is of high quality. Suspended particles or gas bubbles gets trapped in the well (or the aquifer immediately outside) leading to clogging and loss of efficiency.

Pumps United owns, operates and maintains a fleet of drill rigs designed for all applications including drilling of deep wells.

Pumps United have a specialised treatment system and extensive experience in design and construct of recharge wells. Our investment in research and development has facilitated the design and construction of specialised recharge wells capable of reducing the risk of offsite settlement issues.