Pumps United’s PFAS treatment system provides a high performance, end to end solution to an evolving environmental and public health risk that threatens a broad range of industries.

Using exclusive MyCelx absorption technology and a unique two-stage process, the Pumps United PFAS treatment system exceeds all standing environmental management requirements. 

Rapidly deployed and managed by Pumps United’s team of expert engineers and scientists, the mobile system is the most effective PFAS treatment available. 

Our vision is one of industry leadership, using innovative PFAS removal techniques and cutting-edge technology to progress and improve the standards of water management, allowing our customers to deliver environmentally clean projects on time, on budget and without risk. 


Per and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are extremely stable organic compounds, making them invaluable for fire suppression and many other industrial applications. However, without appropriate management, PFAS can prove hazardous. 

Indefinite storage or containment on site comes at high risk. PFAS can infiltrate and contaminate ground water and the surrounding environment, posing a major health risk. Conventional methods of managing or disposing of PFAS have proven difficult, inefficient, and costly. 

The Pumps United proprietary PFAS treatment system is proven to remove PFAS and precursors to levels of PFOS <0.0002 ug/L and PFOA <19 ug/L, exceeding National Environmental Management Plan (NEMP) guideline levels. 


• Aviation

• Prescribed Premise Waste Management 

• Utility Service Providers

• Defence Fire Services

• Fire Protection 

• Emergency Services

• Contaminated Site/s Remediation

• Construction (Dewatering)

• Refineries, and Chemical Manufacturers


Pumps United’s mobile PFAS water treatment system, uses MyCelx absorption technology to treat contaminated water at flow rates of up to 10L/sec. Increased flow rates can be achieved with additional filters.  

Delivered to site in modular, ready- to-operate shipping containers, the process requires a footprint of less than 30 square metres and is a twin-stage approach to water filtration producing 1/80 of the solid waste stream of comparative adsorption technology.

Stage One improves water quality using standard filtration and MyCelx filters. Stage Two sees the water enter a polishing process where MyCelx performer bulk media removes both PFAS and hydrocarbons. 

The result is clean water, that exceeds standards for human consumption, and the removal of any public health risk or environmental contamination.