Environmental Services


With a focus on the core aspects of the natural and built environment Pumps United provides leading environmental management and consultancy services to Australian industry. 

We offer services including sampling, monitoring, remediation, training and environmental management across water, land and air.

With over 10 years’ experience, our team of highly skilled specialists are committed to delivering innovative, safe and practical environmental services in a cost-effective and ethical manner.

We have a multi-disciplined team of environmental scientists and field technicians supported by the latest training and research. Our team has the expertise to successfully guide customers through the complex array of compliance requirements to meet their project specific outcomes. Our team operates nationally and is available for site-inspections and discussions relating to your projects environmental needs.

Pumps United Environmental has developed many strategic alliances with recognised industry leaders. 

These partnerships include: Kleenduct WA Pty Ltd (Ventilation Hygiene); STATS (Specialist Testing and Technical Services); Ziltek (remediation solutions for contaminated sites), and RemScan (soil testing and measurement).

Water Services:

Pumps United offers unsurpassed expertise in surface and groundwater management. We can provide assistance in project design and management, risk management and auditing, monitoring and assessment of natural assets. 

Services provided include: 

Hydrology Investigations - an essential first step in ground water management with carefully considered sampling and analysis

Dewatering Management Plans – provision of dewatering management plans and strategies for your project

Groundwater Treatment - research and development into groundwater treatment and disposal recommending latest innovations

Monitoring – all your monitoring requirements from pump discharge, groundwater and surface water quality

Surface Water Management - catchment, sub-catchment and stream flow determination for surface water management structures

Nutrient and Irrigation Management Plans - Water allocation is often conditional upon undertaking a NIMP and routine water monitoring.

Waste Water - compliance monitoring and reporting for waste water discharges from industrial and commercial waste streams 

Air Services: 

Exposure to atmospheric contaminates such as dust, fumes, odour, asbestos fibres, formaldehyde and mould can have significant work and community health consequences. The environmental team at Pumps United can meet your air quality needs.

Services provided include: 

Ambient Air Monitoring –monitoring a wide range of airborne contaminants whether from industrial emissions or land based activities

Dust - dust measurement and control needs from HiVol, beta attenuation and ultra-fine sampling to on-site management 

Odour - monitoring, modelling and control technology can assist in determining the need and appropriate size of buffers 

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) - assess potential exposure to indoor airborne and surface contaminants in multi-storey office towers, shopping centres and homes.

HVAC Monitoring - all aspects of HVAC monitoring and hygiene maintenance. 

Building Audits – quantifying the risk of exposure to potentially hazardous building products and measuring building efficiency to achieve a “Green Star” rating

WHS Compliance Monitoring - all workplace safety compliance monitoring including dust, metal fumes, silica, asbestos and noise monitoring.

Land Services: 

Whether it is due diligence reporting, acid sulfate soil investigations, contaminated site investigations, site remediation and validation, hazardous materials (HAZMAT) investigations or audits or development of land management plans; Pumps United can assist you from project development to completion.

Services provided include:

Acid Sulfate Soils – investigation into drainage or disturbance issues causing sulfuric acid toxins released into the environment

Due Diligence - The risk of asset acquisition encumbered with contamination, acid sulfate soils or hazardous building materials can be minimised by due diligence investigation. 

Contaminated Sites Remediation -The Contaminated Sites Act requires all landholders to consider current and historic land use and the potential for contamination. Traditionally contaminated site remediation has focused on “dig and dump”. Increasingly there is a need for on-site remediation. Pumps United are a principal member of the In-Situ Remediation Alliance and can assist you with all remediation needs.

Environmental Land Management - assisting clients to meet all their document needs while providing practical, innovative assistance and guidance.

Vegetation Assessment and Clearing – provision of clearing permits, vegetation offsets, flora surveys, vegetation community classification, wetland buffers

Composting and Soil Amendment – ensuring compliance with legislations and approval of all composting operations is maintained.