Dewatering Services


Pumps United offers turn-key dewatering solutions and pumping projects. 

The dewatering process begins with an assessment of site soil conditions. We formulate a design, organise the drilling of bore wells, and complete installation and commissioning.

Pumps United has completed many projects for construction and mine sites where we have designed, drilled, and installed dewatering bore fields. We also specialise in the design, supply, and install of a variety of dewatering systems including:

  1. Well point dewatering
  2. Deep well dewatering
  3. Open pump dewatering
  4. Horizontal dewatering

We offer the latest, most fuel-efficient pumps for hire and tailor solutions to meet our customers’ needs and site requirements. 

From a one-man plumbing job to a major construction project we take the hassle out of your site’s water management needs by providing the expertise required to get the job delivered and enable your staff to get on with their own tasks.

Pumps United have specialised equipment, workshops and in-house testing facilities at each of our branches that enable us to deliver our range of water management services. 

We can also provide support to help meet your water treatment and environmental requirements as well as any regulatory approvals. This work is undertaken whilst complying with health, safety and quality obligations.