Water Treatment Plant, Wagga Wagga - UGL Engineering

Project Overview

UGL Engineering Pty Ltd have been awarded the tender package for the Design, Development, Construction and commissioning of a 55 Megaliter per day Water Treatment Plant in Wagga Wagga for an amount of $35 million


UGL Faced numerous challenges relating to the rise and fall of the river level, release of irrigational flows from Blowering and Burrunjuck dams, along with large rainfall events in the catchment area, a highly water charged permeable working area with free flowing water and sand fines.
The risks UGL faced were inundation of river water from over the sheet pile wall, liquification of the working area due to fast flowing water at , below and internal of the sheet pile coffer dam wall.


UGL required the expertise of a dedicated dewatering company, to remove the ground water in a controlled manor highly reducing the risk of Liquification and potential undermining and collapse of cofferdam.


Water table reduced 7m below river level , Reducing the risk of Sand Liquification, producing a solid working platform to hold the weight of a 50t
Excavator, Enabling UGL to get on with construction.

“Liquification/piping was our biggest risk, Pumps United installed a well - point dewatering system that greatly reduced this risk and allowed us to proceed with an enhanced level of safety.”

Doug Anderson, Project Management
UGL Pty Limited