Soko Apartments

Mobile Dewatering 

Project Owner:  Spyre Group Pty Ltd

Contractor: Civic Construction Group Pty Ltd

Project Value: $77 million

SOKO Waterfront apartments, located in Brisbane’s West End is a seven level, two-basement development with 120 apartments.

Located in an area with complex geology and high metal content and close to a site where Brisbane City Council halted dewatering of an adjacent site due to non-compliance with ANZECC Guidelines. 

Civic Construction Group appointed the MDW Group to undertake environmental consulting with a view to dewatering.

The dewatering management plan developed by the MDW Group required a site audit by a certified Environmental Auditor (Envaud), which was then accepted by Brisbane City Council prior to implementation. 

Dewatering was completed through well-point systems suspended from contiguous piling. The management plan added the need for extra monitoring (piezo-meters). Two additional pumps, 90 meters of header pipe and well-point systems were all suspended from the piles on site-specific designed and certified engineered platforms. 

As the geology on site differed from the geo-tech report, the back of the system was changed to a subsurface drainage system with sumps.

Despite high levels of heavy metal, discharge compliance met or exceeded required limits at all stages. Incoming pH was around 4.8 and average iron concentration was 128 mg/litre. High iron levels produced approximately 1000 kilograms of dry sludge content that was dewatered each week. Introduction of the purpose built water treatment system resulted in a saving of more than $100,000 of sludge removal costs for the client. 

The clients were highly impressed with the service provided and have recommended the MDW Group to colleagues and the developers.