Perth Busport Project (CCF Earth Awards winner 2016)

Mobile Dewatering

Client: City Busport Alliance

Contractor: Brookfield Multiplex, BG&E and PTA

Project Value: $256 million

Seeking effective dewatering, water treatment and management solutions for the Perth City Link Busport (PCLB) Project, City Busport Alliance sought and commissioned Mobile Dewatering.  

A component of the Perth City Link project, this project was one of the most significant undertaken by Mobile Dewatering. Achieving strong results, Mobile Dewatering won the Civil Contractors’ Federation WA Earth Awards Category Three  2016 with the City Busport Alliance submission.

There was no shortage of challenges. Strict government regulations, a range of soil formation across project locations and a requirement to manage dewatering effluent and environmentally sensitive areas required special attention. 

The project’s scope was substantial. Mobile Dewatering drilled recharge and pumping wells to create a dewatering system that depressurised aquifers and lowered the groundwater table by eight metres.

To limit the impact of dewatering on surrounding structures and aquifers, extracted groundwater was recharged into groundwater aquifers via recharge bores and sumps outside the excavation zone. 

To mitigate the effects of dewatering on the environment and surrounding structures extracted groundwater required treatment.

Seeking efficiency and effectiveness, Mobile Dewatering created a bespoke solution. A sludge processing system using a custom-built sludge-processing unit was introduced allowing dewatering effluent to be processed and disposed of faster in manageable amounts, resulting in substantial time and cost savings. 

Throughout the project, Perth Busport operations were monitored around the clock by a team of dewatering staff and water treatment technicians via an alarmed monitoring system with remote connectivity and after-hours call out service. 

In their assessment of the project, Civil Contractor Federation WA judges praised Mobile Dewatering’s results. 

 “Mobile Dewatering’s innovative techniques included a custom-designed and built water treatment system that incorporated automatic pH corrections, particle clarifying and metal removal modules.”

 “The Mobile Dewatering team completed the project earlier than required and below budget.”