Natural Gas Pipeline Project – Dampier To Bunbury

Prestige Pump Rentals

Project Owner: DBP Development Group

Contractor: McConnell Dowell

Project Value: $1.7 billion

In response to an increasing demand for gas in the south west of Western Australia, the Dampier to Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline (DBNGP) Project encompassed three major expansion projects known as Stage 4, Stage 5A and Stage 5B, constructed by McConnell Dowell. 

This project required a second pipeline to be installed, paralleling an existing asset.

Prestige Pump Rentals (PPR) was awarded the supply, installation, commissioning and ongoing water management for the project, working closely with McConnell Dowell to ensure water was available throughout the project site. 

A key component of this project was the immense volume of water required for construction methods and dust suppression as well as for the hydro-pressure testing of installed pipeline for commissioning. 

PPR initiated groundwater investigations to assist in the selection of suitable bore locations and then executed the installation and maintenance of complete water provision solutions including bore hole submersible pumps, silenced generators, high-flow water cart fill stations, water storage tanks and pontoon transfer pumps. 

All were operated at optimum depths and yields meeting client consumption requirements and adhering to all environmental protection guidelines. The remote location of the project required the install of a fully automated system. 

The DBNGP construction water package was delivered in full by PPR backed by our qualified and highly experienced management team and site personnel. McConnell Dowell had the ability to access water, first time, every time.