Ironbridge Properties - Environmental Investigation - Beaconsfield

MDW Environmental Services

Client: Ironbridge Properties

Seeking assistance in the remediation of a site pursuing reclassification for residential development, Ironbridge Properties commissioned MDW Environmental Services (MDWES) for environmental consulting.

MDWES undertook environmental site investigations and the classification of asbestos, capping and landfill. Extensive ground gas monitoring was installed with 15 ground gas monitoring wells installed and decommissioned.  

Air quality monitoring was put in place during the investigation of the remediation and soil management of impacted lots.

MDWES also instituted a community consultation program which included meetings and information leaflets and an environmental site management plan. 

MDWES successfully delivered on the requirements for Ironbridge properties providing cost-effective solutions for a broad scope of environmental issues. 

With a focus on engagement and communication, a functional relationship was fostered between the client, environmental auditor and residents to ensure project success.