Donnelley Civil Dewatering Project – Mount Ousley

Vortex Hire

Contractor: Donnelley Civil Pty Ltd

In recent civil construction works, Donnelley Civil engaged Vortex Hire to assist with maintaining existing creek flows to allow the survival of a downstream ecosystem, while rehabilitating a creek bed and culvert with turbidity displacement bollards. 

The project’s challenges were significant. Issues of water-saturated ground and continual water flow from the creek, a mix of pervious and impervious water-charged ground and water running through silty sand bands were compounded by residences near the worksite. 

The solution implemented by Vortex Hire included the installation of two silent pump sets HC522 and two 300 millimetre slotted wells, surrounded with three to six millimetre washed river gravel. Installed using dig and fill method approximately two metres below the existing ground level, the pumps redirected both creek and groundwater flows from wells back to upper catchment.

Vortex Hire’s installation team worked in consultation with key Donnelley Civil ground staff, and Donnelley Civil senior management, achieving a successful result for the project.