Burswood Road Realignment & Car Park Development, Perth

MDW Environmental Services

Client: Georgiou

MDW Environmental Services (MDWES) were commissioned by Georgiou to mitigate risk associated with contaminated land at the Burswood Entertainment Complex. 

A broad scope of environmental services was required: environmental site investigation; soil management and remediation; air quality monitoring and consultation. 

The scope of works required re-alignment of a road with new underground drainage and services for a new multi-storey car park development. 

The Burswood Peninsula on which the site stood was a former landfill. MDWES was charged with the responsibility of characterising the site’s soil profile, determining the nature and true depth of the landfill, and assessing whether any impact to the soil or groundwater matrix had occurred. 

As part of the environmental investigative works MDWES also undertook a soil vapour gas risk assessment. The results of the soil vapour monitoring analyses identified that there was no risk from land gas to the site workers or to future development. 

Based on the results it was recommended that an environmental site management plan (ESMP) for asbestos and contaminated soils be developed and implemented during the remediation and construction phase of works. 

As part of the ESMP implementation MDWES oversaw the excavation and removal of soil contaminated with metals, PAH, BTEX, TPH/TRH, PCBs, Phenol and ACM to a landfill facility for processing. 

Protocols to protect site workers from environmental hazards such as asbestos fibre and dust included required use of PPE and RPE, decontamination showers, clean area demarcation and air quality monitoring. 

MDWES successfully project managed the development site providing cost-effective solutions for a range of environmental issues. 

While ensuring public, occupational and environmental safety, the project was progressed with minimal intrusion or impact on the client’s objectives and building program.