Basement Dewatering Project - Ace Demolition

Vortex Hire 

Project Owner: Ace Demolition Pty Ltd

Contractor: Richard Crookes Constructions

For their development of an affordable housing development and industrial building incorporating office space, Richard Crookes Constructions required dewatering to enable construction of a 240 metre lineal basement and associated lift pits.

With a ground level of RL 19.2 and existing water levels at RL 15.6, and a required finished floor level of RL15.1, the projected dewatering level was set at RL13.6 (5.6 metres).

Tailoring a solution, Vortex Hire was engaged and quickly installed a well-point dewatering system, incorporating water pH and flow monitoring. Installation; consisting of a tubing and filter pack methodology was completed in less than three days. 

Installation was completed in accordance with the client’s approved groundwater dewatering licence under drill supervisor licence number DL 1962.

Ongoing site monitoring was in place on this project with all equipment required to pump 24 hours a day for three months. Ace Demolition conducted the monitoring with Vortex Hire providing emergency support.

A total volume of 70 megalitres was extracted, tested and discharged from the site to an approved storm water location, in line with all ANZECC Guidelines. 

Testing results of extracted waters showed levels equivalent to pH neutral; meaning no additional treatment was required prior to discharge, providing a major cost saving on the project.