Air Services Australia Persistent Organic Compound

MDW Environmental Services

Client: Air Services Australia

As part of Air Services Australia ongoing efforts to control contamination from airport operations, MDW Environmental Services (MDWES) were engaged by Air Services Australia to undertake a Detailed Site Investigation (DSI) of a retention pond and to trial hydrocarbon removal technologies. 

With a particular emphasis on fluorinated compounds (PFCs) released during fire fighting activities, the trial took place at Launceston’s Aviation Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF) compound. 

The DSI identified elevated PCFs and discovered the retention pond was leaking, with a risk of embankment wall failure, potentially contaminating nearby agricultural land. 

An endangered species of frog (Growling Grass Frog) was also noted living in and around the pond, meaning rectification works would require maintenance of the water levels to mitigate risk. 

The treatment system chosen for the trial was a Mycelx membrane, capable of capturing persistent, water soluble hydrocarbons. Over four stages of treatment contaminant levels were significantly reduced, with each stage progressively delivering improvements and delivering an exceptional result.

This in part was achieved through a strong collaborative partnership with Mycelx and good client relationship, developed by the professionalism of the MDWES Team.