New Geho ZD 900 pumps

Jan 2018

Pumps United have added the new Geho ZD 900 Pumps to our fleet. 

The Geho ZD 900 has a mixed air/water capacity up to 100 m³/h and is available in 2 models - the Elektro Galva Frame and the Compact Diesel. Their application is as a dewatering pump in both wellpoint and horizontal dewatering projects. Housed in a Super Silent Canopy (Elektro - 40 dB (A) @ 10m and Diesel - 47 dB(A) @ 10m), with a fuel consumption of less than 27 L of fuel per 24 hours and an operational capacity of up to 7 days, the Geho ZD 900 are by far the most efficient and economical dewatering pump in the world. 

Our fleet of pumps are available now for your current or next dewatering project so contact our sales team today for more information on this amazing pump or to discuss your specific project needs.